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  • In the event of a problem, where do I obtain warranty?
    Warranty is handled by You simply contact us via e-mail or telephone and arrange the details. The warranty work is handled within Canada, so you don't have to worry about any cross border shipping. RETAIN YOUR ORIGINAL PACKAGING IN THE EVENT YOU REQUIRE WARRANTY SERVICE

  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping is free within Canada! American residents will be charged $50 CDN.

  • What method of shipping will be used?
    Due to fluctuating fuel prices our shipping carriers may change frequently. Due to weight most orders will ship via a ground based carrier.

  • How long will shipping take?
    You should receive your order in 5 - 10 days. 

  • My generator had a small amount of gas and oil in it. Does this means its used?
    No. strives to bench test every generator. This ensures that all of our customers receive a generator functioning %100. Nothing worse than having to cancel a trip because your new generator is not functioning correctly.

  • I don't understand the technical mumbo jumbo, what makes this generator better?
    A very simple explanation is that this generator will always put out 120V regardless of all circumstances. If it cannot put out 120V then the computer will stop all current from flowing. With a traditional generator this is not the case. Voltage spikes or drops can occur causing damage to sensitive electronics. 

  • Ok it has stable voltage, what else makes it better?

    2 Things

    1. Since its computer controlled, the generator can vary the speed of the engine based on the applied load. This has a huge impact on fuel economy. It is common to get 12 - 15 hours of run time on 4L of gas.

    2. Efficiency of the inverter. No other generator matches the WATT/Weight ratio of the Boliy. This is due to the inverter using the engines power more efficiently.

  • I want to return my generator!
    Unfortunately we do not offer returns on generators. However in the event of an issue, we are commited to insuring the generators are repaired to factory specifications.