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Here you will find support documents for the Boliy Generators. We will continually update this section so please check back often!


Remote Start Instructions

Instructions on how to operate the Remote Start Option for the Pro3600SIE.

How to Start an Air Conditioner with a Generator

This document will detail how to properly start an RV Air Conditioner with a generator. Lots of customers mistakenly believe that a generator is a direct replacement for "Grid" power, unfortunately this is not true. Using these instructions will ensure your generator can start your Air Conditioner with ease.


How to Drain/Flush the Carburetor

This document details how to drain and flush the carburetor on a Boliy generator. This proceedure is very usefull when prepairing to store the generator for a long period (1 month or more), or when the generator has been improperly stored and will not start. %95 of the no start conditions that our customers encounter are resolved by this proceedure.

Boliy Owners Manual

This is the standard owners manual that comes with every generator. 


Boliy Shop/Service Manual

This document provides detailed instructions for various service items that may be required. Most of the information in this manual is intended for a qualified service technician. However it is good practice for owners to become familiar with the service intervals of various items. 


Very High Power LED Lights for RVs

Ok so this article does not really support Boliy Generators, but we think our customers will find it very valuable. One of our technicians wrote it during his own modification. It details how to replace your regular RV lights with very high power LEDs. His wife told him that the result MUST BE AS BRIGHT AS THE ORIGINAL. Not only does this mod acheive that, but reduces the lighting power draw to 1/3 the original.